Standard Insulating Material
There is a wide choice of insulating materials for thermocouples - where practicable, colour coded in accordance with the thermocouple type in use, according to BS4937 Pt 30. Although there is no international standard for materials, engineering practice dictates the use of six main materials.

PVC can be used over the range -30 to +105°C, and is available in many different types of construction. PFA offers a greater temperature range, covering from -273 to +250°C, or 300°C for short periods.

Moving up the range, we find varnish impregnated glass fibre, which handles from -50 to +400°C, while unvarnished glass fibre takes this up to 500°C and in some cases, 800°C. Throughout the above, all of the standard thermocouple types can be accommodated.

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